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Ultra Fast Fuse Pack

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Your thermostat plays a crucial role in maintaining the ideal environment for your beloved reptiles. To safeguard against potential faults that can arise from devices connected to your thermostat, we've incorporated an Ultra Fast Protection Fuse into our thermostat design. This innovative feature offers protection to any channel capable of utilizing dimming or pulse control. It's imperative to use genuine fuses with a special FF rating, ensuring lightning-fast responses to shield your thermostat effectively.

Sometimes, bulb holders can wear out over time, resulting in a loose grip on the bulb's metal contact. This can lead to arcing between the bulb and holder, potentially damaging your thermostat. In fact, the bulb holder is a common culprit behind blown fuses. Another common cause is a bulb with a dragging filament, especially when it blows, causing a significant surge from the mains.

Fortunately, changing fuses is a quick, simple, and safe process. Just disconnect the power to your thermostat, locate the fuse holder on your device, and replace it with a fuse from our Ultra Fast Fuse Service Pack.

Internal fuses have been a standard feature on Dimming thermostats since 2008, depending on the product and region. Refer to your product's instructions to find the exact location of the fuse. With the ultra-fast fuse on your thermostat, you'll have added protection against unexpected surges. A swift fuse replacement means your thermostat will be up and running again without the need for repairs.

Each Fuse Pack includes 5 x Ultra Fast 5AFF Ceramic Fuses, specifically designed for compatibility with Microclimate B Series, OLED, EVO, Prime, and EVO Connected Thermostats. Ensure your thermostat stays in peak condition and your reptiles enjoy a stable and safe environment with our Ultra Fast Protection Fuse Pack.

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Ultra Fast Fuse Pack


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