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Ultimate Misting System V5.0

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Increases Humidity

Stimulates Breeding

Promotes Healthy Plant Growth

Product description

Mist King Ultimate Misting System - 5th Generation, the latest advancement in misting technology. Crafted based on customer feedback and designed for customization, this system offers exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features:

Advanced Timers: Our improved timer electronics now have a 3 times higher electronics rating, making them more robust and better equipped to handle power outages and high inductive demand, enhancing system reliability.

Exclusive Reservoir Bulkhead: Custom-designed and exclusive to MistKing, our reservoir bulkhead features a dense metal thread that ensures a secure seal without the risk of stripping. It includes an o-ring for added security.

Reservoir Filter: The system includes a small reservoir filter to prevent debris from clogging your nozzles. The white filter is easy to spot and rinse when needed.

Ultimate Value Kit v5.0 includes:

  • 24V DC misting pump, capable of running up to 20 nozzles, with low failure rates and adaptability for 1/4" tubing.
  • Pump power adapter (cUL listed).
  • 3 Value T misting assemblies with check-valved spray tips, adjustable nozzles, and patented misting assembly.
  • ZipDrip Valve to eliminate post-mist dripping.
  • Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring and plug.
  • 25 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing.
  • 1/4" Manual Ball Valve.
  • Digital Seconds Timer ST-24 with instructions.
  • 10 tubing clips with screws.
  • Tubing cutter with collet tool.
  • "T" connector and "L" connector for tubing.
  • Cable Y-connector for connecting the ZipDrip valve and pump.
  • Reference manual.

This Ultimate System can run 1 nozzle or up to 20 nozzles, catering to various applications, including patio cooling, reptile and amphibian enclosures, orchid and plant growth, and more. It's trusted by major institutions worldwide.

Please note that reservoir buckets are not included, but the system comes with instructions and a bulkhead fitting for easy reservoir conversion.

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Ultimate Misting System V5.0


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