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Standard Vivarium

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- Larger bottom panel to allow for a deeper substrate layer 
- Larger vent for enhanced airflow 
- Clip on runners for easy cleaning 
- Multiple cable recesses for easy cable management 
- The perfect home for your animal 
- Smooth, sliding, glass doors for easy access 
- Available in Oak or Black 
- Stackable or can be used with the matching HabiStat Cabinets to create a stand-alone display


HabiStat Standard Vivarium is a high-quality home for reptiles that is designed for both safety and durability. The vivarium is constructed from 18mm thick melamine glass, ensuring that it can withstand regular use and any wear and tear that may occur.  

One of the notable features of this vivarium is its smooth, sliding glass doors, which are fitted with a larger bottom panel to allow for a deeper substrate layer. Clip-on runners make it easy to clean to remove any dust, grit or sand. The offset ventilation on both sides and the larger vent ensures proper air circulation, which is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for your reptile. The vent also has 3 cable recesses for easy management of heat, light, and thermostat cables.  

This vivarium is designed to be stackable or used as a stand-alone display with the matching HabiStat cabinets. It comes flat packed with step-by-step instructions and an Allen Key, making it easy to assemble. The HabiStat Standard Vivarium is available in Oak or Black finish and a wide variety of sizes to suit different reptile species.  

Overall, the HabiStat Standard Vivarium is a practical and durable option for reptile owners who want a safe and secure home for their pets. The vivarium has been tested and tried for practicality and durability, so you can be confident that it will provide a comfortable and secure living space for your reptile.  

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Standard Vivarium


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