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Microclimate Pulse B2 Thermostat - Standard & High Temperature

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Product description

Elevate your reptile's comfort and well-being with the Microclimate Pulse B2 Thermostat, available in two versatile variants: the Standard and the High-Temperature model. These digitally controlled thermostats harness Microclimate's advanced HD pulse technology, developed over the years for smooth and precise temperature control, ensuring the ideal environment for your reptilian companions.

Key Features:

Microclimate Pulse B2 - Standard:

  • Smooth and Accurate Temperature Control: The Microclimate Pulse B2, with its HD pulse technology, guarantees exceptional temperature control for non-light-emitting heat sources, including ceramics, heat mats, and panel heaters.

  • No Minimum Load Requirement: Microclimate Pulse thermostats require no minimum load, ensuring compatibility with a variety of heating sources.

  • Robust Construction: Designed and manufactured in-house in the United Kingdom, the Pulse B2 is built with the finest electrical components, maintaining high-quality standards from software to production.

  • Control up to 600w: Effortlessly manage heaters up to 600 watts from the Pulse B2 thermostat.

Microclimate Pulse B2 - High Temperature:

  • Ideal for Warmer Conditions: The High-Temperature variant of the Pulse B2 is perfect for reptiles that require a slightly warmer environment, with a temperature range of 29°C to 45°C.

  • Precise Temperature Control: Enjoy smooth and accurate temperature regulation for non-light-emitting heat sources, just like the standard model.

  • No Minimum Load Requirement: As with all Microclimate Pulse thermostats, there's no minimum load requirement, ensuring flexibility in heating options.

  • Durable UK Manufacturing: Crafted with top-tier electrical components and entirely designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the High-Temperature Pulse B2 maintains Microclimate's stringent quality standards.

Additional Highlights for Both Variants:

  • Recessed Temperature Control Dial: Prevent accidental temperature changes with the recessed temperature control dial, ensuring your set temperature remains constant.

  • IP Rated Waterproof Sensor: The 2.5m IP-rated waterproof sensor guarantees accurate temperature readings, regardless of terrarium conditions.

  • Built-in Diagnostics: Continuous diagnostics ensure your thermostat runs trouble-free.

  • 600w Maximum Load: Both variants support a maximum load of 600 watts.

  • Digital Temperature Control: Benefit from precise digital temperature control and processing.

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Microclimate Pulse B2 Thermostat - Standard & High Temperature


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