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Electronic On/Off Thermostat: 100W & 300W

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Product description

Take control of your terrarium's temperature with the ExoTerra Electronic On/Off Thermostats, available in two variants: 100w and 300w. Designed for precision and ease of use, these thermostats empower terrarium enthusiasts to create and maintain the perfect climate for their exotic pets while ensuring energy efficiency.

Key Features:

ExoTerra Electronic On/Off Thermostat (100w):

  1. 100-Watt Capacity: The 100-watt variant is ideal for regulating heating sources up to 100 watts, making it suitable for heat mats, heat cables, and other lower-wattage heating elements.

  2. Accurate Temperature Control: This thermostat offers precise temperature regulation, allowing you to create a comfortable and consistent environment for your exotic pets.

  3. Digital Display: The clear and intuitive digital display makes it easy to monitor and adjust temperature settings. Stay informed about your terrarium conditions at a glance.

  4. Easy Setup and Programming: User-friendly and straightforward setup and programming options let you set your desired temperature range effortlessly.

ExoTerra Electronic On/Off Thermostat (300w):

  1. 300-Watt Capacity: The 300-watt variant is designed to handle heating sources with up to 300 watts of power, offering increased flexibility for larger terrariums or higher-wattage heating elements.

  2. Accurate Temperature Control: Like its counterpart, the 300-watt thermostat provides precise temperature regulation for maintaining the ideal conditions within your terrarium.

  3. Digital Display: The clear and intuitive digital display ensures easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature settings, allowing you to fine-tune your terrarium environment.

  4. Energy Efficiency: By controlling heating elements effectively, this thermostat helps reduce energy consumption, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective terrarium setup.

Choose the ExoTerra Electronic On/Off Thermostat variant that suits your terrarium setup's specific needs. Whether you have heat-loving reptiles, humidity-sensitive amphibians, or any other exotic pets, these thermostats guarantee their comfort and well-being.

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Electronic On/Off Thermostat: 100W & 300W


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