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Environmental Control Centre

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Product description

Upgrade your reptile's habitat with the versatile Zoo Med Environmental Control Centre. This advanced control system is compatible with a wide range of lighting options, including Incandescent Lamps, Mercury Vapor Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, T8, T5, Halogen Lamps, LED, and even Ceramic Heat Emitters. It doesn't stop there; you can also use it with Under Tank Heaters, Misters, Foggers, and more!

Key Features:

Precision Temperature Control: Program natural temperature fluctuations and nighttime temperature drops to mimic your reptile's natural environment. Create the ideal conditions for their health and comfort.

Temperature Alerts: Set up programmable alarms that notify you when temperatures reach extreme highs or lows, ensuring your reptile's safety at all times.

Memory Storage: The built-in memory storage saves your custom settings, making it hassle-free to maintain consistent conditions.

Powerful Control: This control center can manage up to 1000 watts of power, providing you with the flexibility to accommodate various heating and lighting sources.

Complete Package: Your purchase includes the Controller Unit, Controller Stand, LCD Remote Control, Remote Wall Mount, 2 Temperature Probes, and 1 Humidity Probe, giving you everything you need for precise environmental control.

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Environmental Control Centre


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