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Digital Hygrometer

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The Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer is your essential tool for maintaining the perfect humidity levels in your terrarium. Designed with precision in mind, it features a remote sensor for accurate measurements and lasting durability.

This advanced instrument simplifies humidity control with its programmable minimum and maximum memory settings, all at the touch of a button. The remote sensor is easily secured in place using the included suction cup, while the main unit can be conveniently mounted using the hook & loop fastener (also included), or it can simply slide into position on an Exo Terra Compact Top.

Key Features:

  • Accurate humidity indication for a healthy terrarium environment.
  • Remote sensor for precise measurements.
  • Programmable minimum and maximum humidity memory settings.
  • Compatible with Exo Terra Compact Top Canopies.

Maintain the ideal humidity levels your reptiles and amphibians deserve with the Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer.

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Digital Hygrometer


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