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Analog Thermometer

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Ensure the ideal climate for your terrarium with the ExoTerra Analog Dial Thermometer. Designed for accurate temperature monitoring, this analog thermometer is a must-have for every reptile and amphibian enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Precise Temperature Monitoring: Whether you have a single thermometer for central placement or dual thermometers to cover both the warmest and coolest areas of your terrarium, the ExoTerra Analog Dial Thermometer provides reliable temperature readings.

  • Easy Installation: Installing this thermometer is a breeze. Just remove the paper backing, ensure the surface is clean and dry, and then press the thermometer firmly onto the desired location within your terrarium.

  • Avoid Direct Light/Heat: To ensure accurate readings, keep the thermometer away from direct light or heat generated by incandescent bulbs.

  • Easy-to-Read Display: The analog dial makes it simple to read and interpret temperature levels, helping you maintain the perfect environment for your reptilian or amphibious friends.

Upgrade your terrarium's climate control with the ExoTerra Analog Dial Thermometer – the essential tool for monitoring temperature levels with ease and precision.

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Analog Thermometer


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