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Advanced Misting System V5.0

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Product description

Introducing the latest evolution in misting technology, the 5th generation Advanced Misting System. Crafted based on customer feedback and optimised for peak performance, this system takes your misting experience to new heights.

Each previous version has seen significant improvements, but the 5th generation goes above and beyond. We've focused on enhancing the timers and introducing essential components to make this system your top choice.

Choose the Timer That Fits Your Needs: In our previous version, we designed three custom timers to suit various applications. You have the flexibility to customize and control your system precisely as you want it. Select the ideal timer for your setup on our timer page.

What's Included: The Advanced Misting System comes with essential components that can be further customised to meet your specific requirements.

MistKing's Commitment to Excellence: With years of experience and continuous innovation, MistKing consistently seeks ways to improve. In the 5th version, we've made significant advancements:

  1. Enhanced Timer Electronics: Our timers now boast a 3 times higher electronics rating, making them better equipped to handle power outages and the high inductive demand of MistKing pumps. This upgrade significantly reduces system failure rates and enhances overall reliability.

  2. Exclusive Reservoir Bulkhead: We've custom-designed a dense metal thread bulkhead exclusively for MistKing. You can now securely tighten it with the necessary force, eliminating worries of stripping. It's even been tested to create a perfect seal when squeezed onto a bucket without an o-ring, though we still recommend using one for added security.

  3. Reservoir Filter Included: To prevent debris from entering and clogging your nozzles, we've included a small reservoir filter. Its white color makes it easy to spot when cleaning is needed, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Advanced Misting System v5.0 Features:

  • A powerful 3/8" Backbone: This system outperforms the starter and ultimate versions with its 125psi-capable pump, supporting anywhere from 10 to 70+ nozzles, depending on system complexity. The pump can run continuously for hours, even dry, and is specifically manufactured for MistKing's robust reliability.

  • Custom Timer Included: The 4th generation misting system includes the new seconds timer. If you require a different timer, you can select one from the available options on the right. Explore the timer page for more details.

  • Comprehensive Components: This kit includes everything you need for a successful misting system:

  • Large capacity diaphragm pump with 3/8" fittings.
  • 24V Power adapter (CE and cUL listed).
  • 3/8" metal reservoir bulkhead with plug.
  • 3/8" Ball Valve.
  • 35 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing (to connect nozzles).
  • 15 feet of 3/8" black opaque tubing (to connect the reservoir to pump and run nozzle 3/8" backbone).
  • 12 Value "T" Misting Assemblies.
  • 3 Value "L" Misting Assemblies.
  • 2 Reducing Tee Connections (3/8" to 1/4").
  • 1 Reducing Elbow Connection (3/8" to 1/4").
  • 20 1/4" Tubing Clips.
  • 10 3/8" Tubing Clips.
  • Upgraded Seconds Timer ST-24.
  • 3/8" Reservoir Filter.
  • Installation instructions.

Versatility at Your Fingertips: Whether you plan to use this kit as-is or want to expand your misting setup, the Advanced Misting System provides endless possibilities. Customize your system, add nozzles, and tubing, and build upon this robust foundation.

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Advanced Misting System V5.0


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